Astonia Resurgence
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Prepare for the Resurgence

In a world of magic and demons, two powerful clans, the Isara and the Ilasner, are locked in a fierce and deadly war. The Isara, aided by their knowledge of ancient magic, have managed to hold their own against the powerful demon forces summoned by the Ilasner. But as the war rages on, the Isara find themselves trapped in underground caverns, unable to control their own defense systems. Desperate to survive, they turn to the dangerous art of demon summoning, with disastrous results. As the demons run wild and the death toll rises, the Isara and Ilasner are forced to fight not only each other, but also the demons they have unleashed. As the conflict reaches its climax, it becomes clear that only one clan will emerge victorious, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will the Isara's knowledge of ancient magic be enough to triumph over the demon hordes, or will the Ilasner's dark powers prove too great to overcome? The final battle will decide the fate of all.

Take up Arms

Astonia Resurgence is an isometric 2.5D MMORPG set in a Medieval world with swords and magic. There are two available classes from the start: Warriors, specializing in melee combat, and Mages, specializing in casting spells to slow and damage their opponents. There is a third class: Seyan'Du, which is only obtainable by winning combat against the Gatekeeper himself. The Seyan'Du has all of the abilities of the Mages and Warrior, allowing for even more flexible gameplay and build diversity. If you're new to Astonia Resurgence, we recommend taking a moment to review the Quick Start guide.

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